AMG Services IT Solutions Offers A Range Of Gadgets To Educational Institutions

Education has been around for a long, long time. It’s constantly changing through technology, yet at its core remains the same: a way to teach people young and old new things. There’s a common thread in every learning experience, from a fourth grader’s first foray into United States history, to an undergrad’s first general education math class. That thread is connection: both to the materials and to the person teaching.

AMG Services is working hard to make that communication connection an important part of their new line of educational technology tools, EduBuzz. The new education tech line will focus on making education fun or at least less painful for students of all ages. The technology line consists of apps, software, and hardware devices that all work together to transform the learning experience.

For a third grade teacher, EduBuzz can make learning new math concepts fun with the handheld device that can be used for math games that reinforce the lessons of that day. The teacher can load new games and activities at any time, and the device can be used for multiple classes, semester after semester. This is a super cool gadget that you’re going to want if you are a parent, or if you are in a college program with a participating professor.

Communication is key in education. Whether you are a hardworking parent who doesn’t have time for a parent-teacher meeting, or a teacher who needs to get a message to your class after the school bell has rung, EduBuzz can make it happen. Messaging is enabled on the handheld device and with the software and social programs. Teachers can tell students to bring materials the next day. Students who are too embarrassed to ask a question during class can do it without the pressure of fellow students listening. EduBuzz encourages communication along with education.

EduBuzz will change the way schools teach their children. By making new concepts fun, and encouraging communication between students, teachers, and parents, EduBuzz will help learners flourish. Gadgets Made Simple is making the call: all schools should adopt this technology to make a learning-friendly environment.

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