Services From AMG Bolting Solutions Provide Amazing Manufacturing Gadgets

Everyone loves looking at the big finished products that incredible engineering enables. Bridges, trucks, oil rigs, skyscrapers and all of the other amazing accomplishments of modern engineering. We agree that these things are amazing, but we’d like to remind everyone that these structures and machines are made possible by some pretty amazing gadgets.

One of the absolutely indispensable gadgets that helps make the world turn ’round is the torque wrench. AMG Services & Bolting Solutions in Florida is one of the top suppliers for Torc brand torque wrenches. These wrenches make so many jobs possible that is impossible to give a description of them all. Torque wrenches are used to insure that bolts and other fasteners are tightened to an exactly specified tightness, which is very important in critical applications like automobiles and large structures.

Torc LLC manufactures a wide range of torque wrench models. These wrenches are powered by hydraulics, which makes them capable of tackling really big jobs. They are made in one of the most high tech manufacturing facilities in the United States, using advanced processes and cutting edge materials. The Torc brand wrenches that are distributed by AMG are known for durability and an extremely low failure rate, which means that jobs get done faster and with greater reliability. It also means that Torc wrenches have a lower cost of ownership when it comes to maintenance and calibration. Besides being affordable to take care of, Torc wrenches are also affordable to buy: they are typically thirty to forty percent less expensive than competing hydraulic powered torque wrenches.

AMG only offers built in America tools and they offer free replacement of damaged tools. They are a licensed contractor to the United States government, so you can trust that they only offer the highest quality products.

So next time you are blown away by a magnificent bridge or a wind farm full of wind powered turbines, remember that behind great machines and structures are some simply awesome gadgets.

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