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Fujifilm registered and new camera at wireless registration agencies. The model code of the camera is FF 180001, from the model code it is not very clear which camera is actually coming.

Take a look at the registered details of the camera surfaced from Indonesian wireless registration agency

Communication module: TYPE 1 FJ
FCCID: W2Z-02100005
Host system: FF 180001
FCC material publication date: April 9, 2018
FCCID and radio parts are the same as X-A5

But according to nokoshita website the wireless part of that particular model is similar to Fuji XA 5 camera. It clearly indicates the upcoming camera belongs to entry level category.

This year we have two entry level camera coming,

  1. Fuji X-70 (compact camera)
  2. Fuji X-T100 Camera (Entry level Mirrorless)

So, we are expecting the model code FF 180001 may be of X-70 or X-T100 camera. We will update you soon as we get any new information related to FF 180001 camera.

Translated from Japanese

The communication module installed in Fujifilm’s unreleased camera passed overseas certification agencies. Since it is a different radio part from X – E 3 and X – H 1, it is made by Zakuti just like X – A 5.
The distance information to the antenna does not include a protruding part such as a penta part so much, so it will not be very helpful, but the width that will have less unevenness seems to be around 121 mm.

Fuji X-80 and X-T100

Fuji X-80 and Fuji X-T100 Mock-up image

Let’s take a look about the possibilities which camera may arrive under the model code FF 180001

1. Fuji T100 and Fuji X80 Coming This Year

In the list of Fuji upcoming cameras of 2018 we have already told you that Fuji will going to announce Fuji x70 successor Fuji X80 camera in the year of 2018. And not only that, Fuji is also you might to announce Fuji T100 camera.

2. Fuji X-70 is already discontinued

Fuji x70 is already discontinued at B&H Store / Amazon.  The camera was one of the most popluar pro compact camera with 16 megapixel APS-C X-Trans sensor inside with fixed 18.5 MM lens. The X-70 was able to full HD videos at 60 frames per second, and high ISO range upto 5 1200 and 8 frames per second continuous shooting speed, backed up by 77 point auto focusing system.

3. Our Expectation with Fuji X80 Camera

So we do expect the upcoming Fuji x80 camera will going to carry a 24 megapixel X Trance III CMOS sensor inside, same sensor as find inside the xt2 camera /  X100 F camera.Auto focusing system coming from Fuji x100s camera, we don’t expect introduction of the 4K Mode inside Fuji x70 successor. We don’t expect introduction of 4K inside the Fuji x80 camera. It’s a thing for Fuji x100F successor. Now, this time we do expect the auto focusing system will be upgraded to 90 point Auto focusing system as we have seen inside the x100F camera.These are the set  of logical expectation associated with the Fuji X70 successor.

4. Now let’s talk about the #2 possibility – The Fuji T100 camera.

According to latest rumors, we are getting from past few months, Fuji T100 camera is actually a entry level camera sitting below the Fuji X/ T10 / T20 camera series. By adding a XT100 camera in the line-up it’s a very clear indication that Fuji wants to create a new Fuji XTxx series.

So after the announcement of X-T100 we will have a series of DSLR look alike camera with built-in EVF.

Fujifilm DSLR Style series:

  • Fujifilm X-T100 line (Bayer) – entry levelF
  • Fujfilm X-T10/20 line (X-Trans) – mid rangeFujf
  • Fuilm X-T2 / X-T2S line (X-Trans) – high end

We don’t have much details about the upcoming Fuji XT-100 camera but based on information we are getting, the upcoming camera will have a EVF (viewfinder) as well as same sensor as we have already seen inside the Fuji XA-5 camera. The camera will going to remain limited full HD recording mode. We don’t have any details about the AF system of the camera

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We will update you soon as we get any new information

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