Moms Like Gadgets Too: Check Out These 3D Printers From Swing Design

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When it comes to cool gadgets that you can use at the office, the printers from Swing Design are just amazing. With a wide range of products and numerous types of printers, Swing Design can boast themselves as the main hub of printers and printer bundles.

They can literally meet any needs and exceed all customers’ expectations. Only here you can buy any printer you want, from vinyl and 3d printers to embroidery machines and t-shirt 3d printers.


What does this Platform Has to Offer? is a large platform that enables buyers to purchase anything from 3d printers and printing materials to heat presses, home decorations and even transfer tapes. This hub is like a dream world for DIY fans and small companies that want to impress their customers and create their own 3d prints.  

Each one of their printers is specially designed to help DIYers diversify their creativity, unlock their potential and even create their own successful businesses from the comfort of their homes.

Whether you want to unlock your child’s potential, start a 3d printing home-based business, enhance your t-shirt printing business, or even take your hobby to the next level, Swing Design printers are just perfect for you.


Below are 3 of the main types of printers available on

  1. Silhouette Cameo: this is the ultimate printing machine available on the market. This Bluetooth enabled machine can cut over 100 materials thanks to its sharp blade. It also has the ability to cut printed materials and to put them together in order to create gorgeous shapes.

This modern printer from Swing Design is equipped with a high-end Bluetooth connectivity, auto adjusting blade, and dual carriage technology. When you purchase this unit, you get a bonus of 150 exclusive designs to choose from and a complete vinyl idea e-guide.

Together with this printer, you can purchase several Silhouette Cameo bundles. For instance, you can get the heat-press bundle for your t-shirt printing business, get the creative bundle with 24 Oracal sheets and 12 unique EasyWeed sheets for vinyl transfer, or get your hands on the gorgeous “Brother embroidery machine” bundle.

2.Silhouette Portrait 2: this is an electronic cutting machine that is considered the younger brother of Cameo. You can use it for EasyWeed transfer, t-shirt printing and electronic cutting.


  1. Silhouette Curio: the Curio is perfect for complementing other bundles available on Swing Design. Curio is the only machine that allows you to unlock all the features of the Silhouette Studio design software and take your creativity to the next level. Use it to etch, emboss, stipple and deboss at a whole new level.


The Swing Design 3d Printer

And now the piece of resistance, the Alta 3d Printer. This gorgeous all-white printer should not be purchased for its looks, even though its design is impressive. Buy it so that you can experiment with 3d printing and create your own models from scratch.

You can choose your own design or select a design available in the Silhouette Design Store and give it life. This high-end machine comes pre-assembled and pre-calibrated, so you can start building your own objects within the first few minutes.

You can customize your printing process and print your favorite small objects in as little as 30 minutes.

More good news, Swing Design frequent has promo codes and discounts for many of the accessories for their printers.

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