Neo Geo Mini Gets The Discounted Bundle It Always Needed

The Neo Geo Mini proved to be a fun way to play SNK’s classic arcade games on a small screen with its on-board controls. However, many of its titles, including series like The King of Fighters, Samurai Shodown, and Metal Slug, are multiplayer-focused, which makes the omission of extra controllers disappointing.

That’s why this discounted bundle from Wal-Mart and Amazon is so compelling. Normally costing $140 USD, the bundle’s price has been discounted to $100. For that, you get the Neo Geo Mini, two controllers, and an HDMI cable. The controllers are based on the Neo Geo AES’s pads, with one coming in classic black and the other in white. In addition to its own, built-in screen, you can also output the microconsole to a TV with the included HDMI cable.

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Neo Geo Mini Pro Player Pack – $100 ($140)

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You can see a full list of the games in the gallery above, including a selection of screenshots. I’m particularly fond of the Samurai Shodown series, but with certified bangers like Metal Slug 3, Shock Troopers, and The King of Fighters ’98, there are plenty of great games in the Neo Geo Mini’s selection. I’ve always been rather fond of SNK’s sports games, so the inclusions of Super Sidekicks and Top Player’s Golf are appreciated (however, I am partial to Neo Turf Masters, which is sadly not included).

Our Neo Geo Mini review praised the microconsole’s small form factor and how much fun it is to play these games on its 3.5-inch screen. However, GameSpot’s Peter Brown was disappointed when outputting to a TV. He praised the emulation but lamented the image quality, scaling, and lack of options.

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