New PlayStation VR bundles pack two extra games with the headset

Sony has just announced two new PlayStation VR bundles that will hit before the holidays and include two games apiece. The new bundles will replace the now-discontinued Skyrim VR and Gran Turismo Sport bundles that came out last year.

That said, unlike previous bundles, Sony’s latest PSVR packages will include two games apiece: One set that will include a physical copy of Creed: Rise to Glory and a digital game voucher for Superhot VR, while the other will include a physical copy of Astro Bot Rescue Mission and a digital code for Moss.

Besides the games, the two new bundles will be separated by contents and price as well – the Creed bundle includes motion controllers (in addition to the headset and the Move Camera) for $349.99 / $449.99 CAD, while the Moss bundle packages the two games, the headset and the camera for $299.99 / $379.99 CAD.

The Creed bundle becomes available first starting on September 25, while the Moss bundle will launch a little later on October 2 – more or less just in time for Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals and the holidays.

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