Pastor Chris and The International Blood Drive Day

On June 14th, 2018, the church called Christ Embassy and their pastor, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will sponsor the worldwide annual blood donation day. Trauma Care International has a blood drive each year in attempts to motivate people to n=donate blood on a global level. Their goal is to educate more people every year on the importance of donating blood and how it can help to save lives by keeping the world from going into a blood shortage.

Christ Embassy churches are located in countries around their world. Their leader, Pastor Chris is passionate about humanitarian work and helping people around the world, but especially in African countries where people either don’t have access to healthcare, or can’t financially afford the healthcare that is available to them. As the sponsor of the annual blood donation day this year, Pastor Chris will be hosting the blood drives within the churches located throughout the globe. He will be offering initiatives and education in hopes to encourage people to donate blood on a regular basis as a volunteer through blood donation drives that happen throughout the year. He will also be working on establishing national and international network of blood donors so that enough blood will be available for blood transfusions in health care institutions in every country.

Pastor Chris and his congregation founded the Trauma Care International Foundation so theat they could help organize events that are specially geared towards educating people on the immediate need of blood donations. He also raises money for medical equipment to be bought and donated to help raise the health status of impoverished communities throughout Africa. Chris Oyakhilome and his churches serve to aid less fortunate people in impoverished nations in several ways, by hosting this years annual blood drive day, they hope to bring more awareness to the urgent need of improving health and quality of life to all people in every nation.

The core mission of Pastor Chris’ Trauma Care International Foundation is to help improve people’s health to everyone equally. They also offer care services to injured and sick patients that cannot otherwise afford to seek medical attention. Their biggest project is distributing care and emergency responses when there are catastrophic times of crisis. They train students, teachers, law enforcement officer, and medical professionals on how to provide emergency care services when crisis strike. After their training, the foundation’s staff along with everyone they have trained go out into the field and provide medical services free of cost to people who can’t afford them.

The Trauma Care International Foundation is serving the world by providing medical attention to people in times of crisis that cannot afford it, and educating volunteers to do the same. They are also conducting yearly blood drives to encourage people to donate their blood so there will be enough blood globally for transfusions and other necessary medical procedures. With their help and volunteers like Pastor Chris, there will hopefully never be a shortage of blood in medical institutions again.

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