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2019 Honda Passport Pricing: This Ticket to Adventure Isn’t Cheap | News

<meta itemprop=”width” content=”1170″> <meta itemprop=”height” content=”1170″> Cars.com illustration by Paul Dolan The all-new 2019 Honda Passport is more than just a clone of the Honda Pilot on which it’s based, with an improved driving experience plus spacious passenger and cargo areas. Even though the Passport comes with two rows of seats, it actually starts at a higher price than its ...

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Apple isn’t killing iTunes music downloads

Google and Facebook have helped fuel the viral redistribution of another false report that Apple was planning to kill off all music downloads in iTunes next year in order to force users into an Apple Music subscription streaming plan. They’re wrong, here’s why. Apple is adding Music Videos, not taking Music downloads away On Tuesday, a blogger for Baeble Music ...

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Canon EOS M50 Limited 4K isn’t a Tech Issue

During an interview with dpreview team Canon accepted that Canon EOS M50 (Amazon | B&H ) mirrorless camera Limited 4K mode ( you get no CMOS autofocus support while creating a 4K video with that camera). is not technical issue, the features are bit Limited because the EOS M50 is entry level mirrorless camera. Take a look what Canon said ...

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