The Most Powerful Bentley in History

Bentley is renowned for their classy, luxurious, and powerful models of cars. The newest of these models is the Bentley Continental Supersports, the powerful and quickest that the company has ever produced. The automaker had earlier hinted that they were going to release a new model by dropping a series of teaser images.

The new model is now described as the fastest four seater car in the world. Despite the fact that the car is the most powerful Bentley model, it is also the best looking. Two exceptional features are combined: the car is a modified version of the Bentley Continental GT, but more powerful.

Wealthy people have now been afforded another opportunity to showcase their class with this elegant but powerful car.


When the car was first produced, it was rolled out in an attractive red and blue color scheme. The majority of the chassis is blue while the frame is red. The rims, lamps, and some parts of the interior are dark.

One of the reasons why Bentley cars are very famous around the world is because of their attractiveness. When it comes to the production of cars that are appealing to the eye, Bentley has never disappointed. Perhaps this is why you cannot miss Bentley cars in most of the executive car rentals in the world.

The appearance, classy feel, and comfort of riding in these cars makes Bentley cars one of the mostly preferred models for luxury hire. If you are having a special function and need a luxurious car, you can hire it online. Visit if you want to ride in the Bentley Continental Supersports.


The torque of this car is huge. It is stretched to 750lb/ft. It is nearly the same as the twin turbo 6.75 liter V8 Bentley Mulsanne. The power and torque are distributed in the front and back wheels at a 40:60 ratio respectively with the aid of an 8-speed ZF box auto transmission. This allows the car to hit a top speed of 209 mph, and it can cover a mile distance from rest position in 3.4sec.

The car is very powerful and therefore needs better controls. The control system of this car is adopted from the torque vectoring system of the Continental GT-R. This control system is aimed at making the car more stable.


As highlighted above, the Bentley Continental Supersports is the most powerful car ever released by Bentley. The source of its power is from the twin-turbocharged high capacity engine with uprated intercooling. These features enable the car to run a higher boost. The engine contains 12 combustion chambers with a revised exhaust system that draws gases out of the chambers.


Just like the Planet Conti, the Continental Supersports brakes are huge: 420mm at the front and 356mm at the rear. The car is powerful and can hit a top speed within a very short time. Having strong brakes for a car of such power is imperative. The brakes are well-hidden behind the alloy wheels of the car.

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